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Beef Rendang- get it while it’s HOT

I had a guest over for dinner the other night (my nephew!) and asked him what he would like to eat, I said I would cook him anything! He went with Beef Rendang. Secretly delighted I rooted out my recipe, loosely based on Rory O’Connells one, which, is divine, but just too hot for me. Mind you -this was lip numbingly hot too.

Although the ingredients are mostly store cupboard, the quality of the meat is important here.  And as the cooking time is quite long I suggest cutting the beef into larger pieces so they don’t simply disintegrate. I’m not a fan of the mint either, so I leave that out too. Rendang is traditionally a Malaysian spicy meat dish, that is served at important social occasions.  It’s cooked down slowly until a sticky sauce is left around the meat, and is dryer than most curries, but I prefer a little more sauce.

My Beef Rendang


1.5kg of good quality stewing beef

5 red chillies

2 red onions

3 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon of turmeric

1 bay leaf

3 tins of coconut milk

Natural yogurt, if required

Rice, to serve


Cut up the beef into pieces approximately 4cm square.  Add to a large heavy based saucepan with the turmeric and the bay leaf.

In a food processor chop the de-stalked chillies (keep the seeds in), peeled and quartered onions, and peeled cloves, until well diced.

Add this to the pan with tins of coconut milk.  I like to use organic coconut milk, but if unavailable use the best quality you can afford.

Stir to combine, at this stage it looks really nasty!

Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally then reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered for about 2 hours.  Towards the end it will look like the sauce has split.  Stir quite frequently at this stage to avoid it burning on the hob.

Taste the sauce, if it is too hot I add a good couple of spoons of natural yogurt.  Completely un authentic I know, but sure look it!

Serve on a bed of rice- with lots of water available.




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